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REVIEW: Regrets Only by M.J. Pullen

 Romance, Women’s Fiction
Publisher: Thomas Dunne Books
Publication Date: 
March 1, 2016
Formats Available: 
Kindle, Paperback, Hardcover, Audio


At thirty-three, Suzanne Hamilton has no regrets. A successful event planner with a swanky condo in a hot Atlanta neighborhood, she’s got a close group of friends and a list of men a mile long who would happily bend over backwards to win her heart. Plus, she’s just landed the event that will take her career to the next level. 

Then a freak accident changes everything. Humiliated, with her career in tatters, Suzanne’s lost her business, not to mention her self-respect. She’s managed, however, to retain the surprising support of her newest celebrity client: the sexy country music star, Dylan Burke. Against her better judgment, but without any better offers, Suzanne agrees to plan a wedding for one of the Burke sisters. But when she comes to realize her freak accident was anything but, her catalog of past relationships turns into a list of suspects and Suzanne must question everything–her career, her friendships, and most acutely, her own dating rules. 

As it turns out she might have quite a bit to regret after all. 

Taking place a few years after the events of The Marriage Pact, M.J Pullen returns to the same captivating group of lovelorn friends, this time following Suzanne as she discovers that her trusty rules no longer apply. Raising the stakes, Pullen delivers an absorbing, romantic novel that shows how someone with a “perfect life” can lose it all–and then find everything.

MY RATING: 📚 📚 📚 📚 📚

Note: I didn’t realize this was book two in a series until after I started reading it. That being said, from the synopses of the other two books in the Marriage Pact series, I don’t think that matters. It seems like a series of loosely connected standalone novels.

This was my first time to read something by M.J. Pullen, and I really enjoyed it. It was nice to read something set in the American South that didn’t make us all look like rednecks. The writing was great, the pacing excellent, and the characters nicely developed. The plot was complex and kept me guessing, which was great–whenever there’s a mystery element involved in a book, I’m usually able to guess who the culprit is early on, and I love to find a story that keeps me guessing up until the big reveal! I felt emotionally connected to the romance aspect of the book, which is not as common for me these days.

I don’t have many complaints, and those I do have are minor. I wish Chad had been more involved in the story–he was a fun character, and the beginning of the book made it seem like he was going to be one of the major players. I understand the reasoning behind letting him fade into the background as it was necessary for other plot elements, but still I wish he’d been around more.

Another thing is the inconsistency in bedroom scenes. At times, the scene fades to black and the reader is encouraged to fill in the blanks while at others there are more descriptions and almost explicit detail. I’m fine with either being present in an adult book, even though my personal preference is fade to black, but the stark contrast between the way love scenes were handled here was a little jolting.

Overall though, I loved this book. I recommend this for women in search of a heartwarming tale of not only romance, but friendship and self-discovery.

I received a complimentary copy from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.



Olivia Ard is the author of women's fiction trilogy The Bennett Series and Readers' Favorite 5-Star recipient 'Tis the Season. She is pursuing a second degree in sociology. She and her husband JD live in Central Alabama, where they await their miracle baby's arrival this November with joyful expectation.

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