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From the bestselling author of Songbird comes a novella that will make

you laugh, cry, and believe in the power of second chances. You can pre-order the book today for the

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Release Date: July 22,


Genre: New Adult

Published by: Enchanted Publications

Cover Designer: T.M.



Carrie Malone has seen enough heartbreak to last a



family’s demons gave Carrie the courage to move away from home and leave her past behind. Now a

college senior, she stays busy with her classes and her job at the diner. It may sound boring to some, but

to Carrie, the very best thing about her new life is that every day is calm and blissfully


That all changes the night Josh Bennett walks into her diner.

With his dirty designer

suit and mud-caked shoes, Carrie’s not sure what to think about the broken man sitting at her counter.

She’s even more confused when he doesn’t touch his coffee . . . and leaves his Rolex watch as a


Josh Bennett has nothing to live for.

Starved for affection and deep in despair, he’s looking

for a tender touch. A kind word. A giving heart.

A shattered and broken Josh finds himself standing on a

city bridge, looking down into the freezing river that will undoubtedly bring an end to his


He’s prepared to jump.

He’s prepared to die.

He’s not prepared for the pretty waitress who finds him there by the water’s edge.

When two lost souls find

each other in the dark of the night, can they give each other a reason to breathe




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Cold November air nips at my bare fingers, and I mutter a curse. Leaving my

gloves at home isn’t the dumbest thing I’ve done lately, but it’s close.

You should’ve let Tony drive you home.

Pulling my jacket tighter around me, I quicken my pace. It’s just a few blocks

between the diner and my apartment, but the cold air makes it feel like miles.

Flurries start to swirl, prompting me to walk a little faster. I’m just making my way

across the Hart Street Bridge when something catches my eye.

A man’s standing next to the concrete barrier, looking down into the frigid water


I stop.

Without a backwards glance, he places one leg over the


My heart pounds in my chest. “No!”

His head jerks up, and there, under the lights of the city, my eyes lock with the

man who left his watch on my counter.

I’m paralyzed.

So is he.

Thank God.

People keep walking. Cars keep moving. But my eyes remain fixed on the man

straddling the concrete barrier—the only thing that’s keeping him from plunging into the icy river below

us. I don’t know his name. I don’t know why he’s dressed like a beggar, and I certainly don’t know why

he left his Rolex on my counter.

But in this moment, none of that matters.

I make sure the street is clear before walking across, keeping my movements slow

as I approach him. The last thing I want to do is freak him out. For now, one leg is still on this side

of the barrier, giving me hope that maybe he doesn’t really want to die tonight. Needing the support it

provides, I hold onto the cold concrete and pray I say the right thing.

“What are you—”

“Leave me alone, Carrie.”

The fact that he’s coherent enough to remember my name gives me even more

hope. But his voice . . . it’s raw and tinged with so much sadness that it nearly breaks my


“What are you doing?”

“It’s none of your business. Go away.”


His eyes flash with anger.

“Screw you.”

“Don’t jump and maybe I’ll let you.”

It’s a ridiculous thing to say, but I’m desperate. He’d never survive the fall, and I

already have enough guilt in my heart to last a lifetime. I don’t need this on my conscience,


The man blinks rapidly, as if he’s trying to comprehend what I


“Tempting, but trust me. I’m not worth


“I don’t believe that.”

“Believe it,” he whispers. “Please, Carrie. Just . . .


I shake my head and take a step closer.

Keep him talking.

“I don’t even know your name. You know mine. That’s not


He looks surprised. “You don’t recognize me?”

“Should I?”

“Wow. That’s . . . refreshing, actually.”

I glance around. Surely someone has noticed us and called the cops by now. But I

don’t hear sirens, so I keep talking, hoping the man will come to his


I offer him my hand. “My name is Carrie Malone. What’s


“Josh Bennett.”

The name sounds vaguely familiar.

“Nice to meet you, Josh. Now, would you please place both legs on this side of

the barrier before I have a heart attack?”

Josh looks down into the river.

“Please? Let me call your family.”

It’s the wrong thing to say.

“My family’s dead, which is exactly what I should be. What I want to


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Sydney Logan is the

bestselling author of six novels. She has also penned several short stories and is a contributor to

Chicken Soup for the Soul. A lover of music, she fills her playlist with everyone from Johnny Cash

to Eminem.

Sydney holds a Master’s

degree in Elementary Education and spends her days surrounded by kids and books. A native of East

Tennessee, she enjoys playing piano and relaxing on her porch with her wonderful husband and their

very spoiled cat.

Visit her online at



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COVER REVEAL: Redd’s Descent by C.M. Albert


Redd’s Descent
The Dark Woods Series #1

The dark fairy tales your mother never told you about. 

Celtic folklore warns its people not to enter the Dark Woods at night if you want to live to see the light of day. For Redd Kearney, he has no choice after the death of his grandmother at the hands of the vicious, mythical half-breed creatures. But what he finds is way worse than any childhood legend ever could have warned him about.

Finding himself chained up in the creature’s den, he has two choices: surrender to her evil to stay alive, or die resisting. But the stakes are high when he has a new travel companion whose virtue he needs to keep intact, and when his wife Aine’s life is threatened if he doesn’t comply and give the Alpha what her pack needs to survive.

Can Redd surrender to his dark side without losing himself in the process? Or will Mac’s dark, insatiable desires cause his full descent before he has time to escape?

Redd’s Descent is a dark retelling of Little Red Riding Hood, where roles are reversed and the big bad wolf literally means to eat her victim alive.



Author C.M. Albert enjoys living dangerously on the razor’s edge as both author and editor. In addition to being an Amazon bestselling author, she’s had the privilege of copy-editing under her Grammar Babe business for several international bestselling and award-winning authors. Her own writing infuses a healthy blend of humor and romance, and she’s a sucker for a good villain and everlasting love. In her spare time, she and her husband wrangle their two young kids and enjoy spending time outdoors. When not writing, editing, or kid wrangling, C.M. Albert is also a Reiki practitioner, chocolate chip cookie aficionado, kindness ambassador, and seeker of naps.

You can find C.M. Albert online at:

Facebook/Author Page: 

Facebook/Grammar Babe: 





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